Multimedia Design & Editing

MrMediaDesign offers services for graphic design, video editing, online media management, brand management, startup brand creation, and much more. Whether you have detailed plans and sketches or vague expressions, we work with our clients to bring their ideas to life. If you have a project idea, or any questions, let us know.


Business Branding Package

20% Off | 40 Standard Hours | $1,600Branding | Logo | Banner | Wallpaper | Social Media | Website

Branding & Graphics À La Carte

$50/Hour Standard | 30 Minute MinimumProject Pricing Varies | Email



Business Cards



Social Media




Stream Overlays

Twitch Panels

New business needing help?

Contact for Startup Discounts.

Film & Video Editing

Basic Editing | $20/min

Simple transitions, general background music, and standard titles. Discounts available for long format video.

Personal Use | 1080p Max | Final Render Only
Example Coming Soon...

Advance Editing | $35/min

High quality transition and title effects, with matching music. Coloring grading and multicam editing available.

Personal Use | 1440p Max | Final Render Only
Example Coming Soon...

Expert Editing | $50/min

Choreographed cutting, transition effects, scored music, intro/outro video titles, custom animations, and more.

Commercial Use | 4K Max | Project Files Included
Example Coming Soon...